What are cPanel credentials:

The cPanel is an online Linux-based web hosting control panel (cPanel). It is a powerful tool for website management that utilizes a single interface for all of your site management needs.

Control Panel is used to administer a website and its components such as email and databases. Control Panel can be accessed by logging in. To log in to Control Panel, username and password are needed. This username and password are called as credentials. Now you can see this articles, How to Login FTP with cPanel Credentials.

How to login FTP with cPanel credentials:

FTP account is used to manage a large number of files on the website. By default, FTP account will be already in Control Panel. So that Control Panel credentials can be used to login File Transfer Protocol. If you change the Control Panel password then File Transfer Protocol password will also change. There are plenty of File Transfer Protocol clients used to manage files and here ‘Filezilla’ is suggested. This is a popular FTP client with a friendly interface and with the simple configuration. Download ‘Filezilla’ from the official website. After installing it, Filezilla icon will be found on the desktop. Then this will be connected with SFTP protocol by using Control Panel credentials.

SFTP is an SSH-based secure File Transfer Protocol with encryption.

Host: sftp://your domain name or IP address
Username: your cPanel username
Password: your cPanel password
Port: Server Port number

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