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How to list the MySQL queries running on VPS server?

list MySQL queries on VPS


phpMyAdmin is one of the most popular applications used for MySQL database management. PHPMyAdmin is a graphical user interface (GUI) for managing the data within a MySQL database. It is a MySQL administration tool used to manage the database tables. It will be helpful to create any MySQL based database or applications.

List MySQL queries running on VPS server:

The user can easily monitor all the MySQL queries that are running on your server from your WHM. However, you will need root access to your WHM in order to monitor all queries on your server. If you are running a MySQL database on a Dedicated Server, you can view its status and the load of the database through WHM interface. It is useful to identify any MySQL queries running on the server. We can provide you with root access as soon as you request it via support ticket from your Client Area for VPS servers.

Steps to list the MySQL queries running on VPS server:

Step 1: Login to WHM panel.

Login to WHM

Step 2: Navigate to the option “SQL Services” in your WHM panel. This option is available for root users only.

SQL services


Step 3: Then click the option ‘Show MySQL Processes’.

Show MySQL processes

Step 4: Now, the list of currently running MySQL processes are displayed in the server which looks like below. It displays the result in a column with the database details.

List of MySQL queries

Process Information:

Here, let us know the description for each column.

Id – A unique process IP assigned for each process and application

User – It shows the user who executed the process on the database.

Host – It shows the hostname of the client and the port from which the process is executed.

DB – It shows the database name on which the process is executed. If the process does not run on a database, then the column displays NULL.

Command – It shows the command type issued by the system to the database.

Time – It displays the time in seconds in which the process has remained in its current state.

State – It shows the action or state of the process. In this column, the NULL value can be displayed for the SHOW PROCESSLIST state.

Info – This column shows the text statement of the currently running process. If the process does not execute any statement, then it displays NULL. Otherwise, it displays the statement sent to the server or an inner statement to execute other statements.

Thus, the WHM user can view the list of currently running MySQL processes to monitor the server status. Keep in mind that this list is not in real-time and you will need to refresh the page in order to get the newly executed processes which change often.

We hope that this tutorial will be helpful to list the MySQL queries running on a VPS Server. For more information, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and For video tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel ServerCake India.



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