Greylisting is one of the tools available in WHM which helps to stop the flood of spam. Greylisting uses the re-delivery attempt process. It allows the user to temporarily reject the emails from senders. If that email was spam, it will not attempts re-delivery. If the rejected email was legitimate, then it will attempt re-delivery and it will help to sort out legitimate emails from spam. In this article, we will show you how to stop spam by using greylisting.

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Login to your WHM, then go to Email>>Greylisting>>Click the On/Off toggle button and save.
Step 2:Configuration Settings” tab will appear and fill it up with desired values and save it.
Configuration settings fields include:
1. Initial Deferral Period:
This field refers to the number of minutes when the received email from an unknown user triplet since the 1st email received by the server from an Unknown IP address during Greylisting.
2. Resend Acceptance Period:
It refers to the number of minutes should be taken by the Greylisting to accept the email resent by the sender when the first attempt was rejected.
3. Record Expiration Time:
It refers to the time taken for before greylisting deletes the triplet record and treats a re-sent mail as new.
4. Trusted Hosts
Fill the IP in “New Trusted Hosts” and click “Add” button. You can add IP addresses of the senders on your list. If you add an IP address to the tab, the emails received from that IP address will not be Greylisted.
5. Common Mail Providers:
Once you select the mail providers in the list, Then Emails from the mail providers from the given list will not be Greylisted.
6. Reports
It will show you about all the reports about Greylisting.

Greylisting is suitable for Dedicated server users and VPS server users who are all running website business. By using Greylisting, they can expect legitimate emails alone. We hope that this article will help them to stop the spam emails with Greylisting Option in WHM.

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