cPanel Error Log File based servers are the way that they keep the location of key files in the same place across all of the various cPanel versions. Due to this consistency, one always knows where to look for logs files for all services running on a cPanel server.

What is Error Log?

 Error Log (error_log) is a file or log that contain logs of errors encountered by a system. There are a number of different ways in which error logs can be used, and they can be extremely useful tools for people who need to diagnose and manage systems such as web servers, office networks, and so forth. Accessing the error log may require special administrative permissions which are designed as a security measure to prevent unauthorized people from seeing documentation of errors. The Error logs also might provide insights on hacking attempts, as most hacking attempts on systems and servers result in an error or have a more probability of being captured in error logs as the hackers attempt to compromise the system.

When you see an error message on browser screen you should start troubleshooting from the below-mentioned error log, despite error log feature is available in the cPanel interface, often incidents this error feature in cPanel doesn’t help us.

The following error log file contains the error logs for Web Servers and CGI Applications.