When you migrate your Magento site under another new domain or existing domain, sometimes it may still redirect to the old domain where is originally developed.  It’s a common issue with Magento sites after its migration, typically it arises due to the below-stated reasons.

  • Web and base URL mismatch in the Magento Database
  • Due to Magento cache
  • Invalid redirection codes in .htaccess file

This redirection issue can be resolved through the following ways,

Cross check and update your Magento Base URL. This task can be achieved by two methods through Database and Magento Dashboard.

Method 1: Update Magento Base URL via Magento admin panel

Step 1: Login your Magento Dashboard using appropriate login details

Step 2: Choose the Configuration option from the Top right corner of Dashboard Home Page

Step 3: Now click on the “Web” option and locate the “Base URL” button and replace the new domain URL with the older one.

Method 2: Through Database console software i.e. Console

One another method is cross-checking and update the Base URL via phpMyAdmin,

Step 1: Login to your website control panel and Navigate to phpMyAdmin option

Magento site redirection

Step 2: Choose the respective Magento installation’s database and locate “Core_config_data” table

Magento site redirection

Step 3: Check for the web/unsecure/base_URL and web/secure/base_URL fields and replace them with new domain URL

Magento site redirection

Method 3: Clear the Magento cache which holds the existing domain cache values

Step 1: Go to File manager option in cPanel and locate the public_html/var directory of your Magento files

Magento site redirection

Step 2: Now delete all the available cache directories and reload your site via browsers it will generate new caches regards to the new Magento site

Magento site redirection