About Reading Settings in WordPress:

The reading settings in WordPress helps to set the content related to the front page. It is helpful to set the number of posts to be displayed on the main page. It lets you specify which content should be displayed on the home page for the visitors. And also, allows for configuring important content syndication and WordPress SEO options. In this article, let us discuss the steps to configure Reading Settings in WordPress.

Steps to Configure the WordPress Reading Settings: 

There are only a few steps to configure reading settings for your WordPress website. The following are the steps to configure reading settings.

Step 1: Login to WP-admin dashboard. Go to Settings -> Reading option in it.Settings

Step 2: Now the reading settings will be displayed as mentioned in the below screenshot.Readings

The following fields will be displayed in the reading settings.

Front Page Displays:

This feature is used to set and display the front page in any one of the following formats. This setting can be displayed if you have one or more pages defined in it. It allows you to choose what the visitors will see when they visit your website via the home page.

  • Your latest Posts – Check this radio button to display the latest posts on the front page. In this, the number of posts displayed on the front page is controlled by the option ‘Blog pages show at most’.
  • A Static Page – It displays a static page on the front page. Choose the page that displays your actual post. But the Front Page and Post Page cannot have the same value.
  • Front Page – In the drop-down box, select the actual page that you need to be displayed on the front page.
  • Posts Page – In the drop-down box, select the page name which contains posts.
Blog Pages Show at most:

In this section, enter the number of posts to be displayed per page on your website. It is set as 10 by default. Setting a higher number of posts on each page can impact the loading time of the website. The default setting 10 ensures a faster loading time.

Syndication feeds show the most recent:

Enter the number of posts viewed by the user when they download one of your site’s feeds. For each article in the field, you can select either Full Text or Summary. It is set as 10 by default.

In Full Text, the entire content of the post is displayed.

In Summary, only the first 55 words are included in the feed along with the option to read other posts. It could save the bandwidth of the website.

Search Engine Visibility:

This feature enables to block your website from search engines or allows it to be visible. If you click this checkbox, then your website will be ignored by the search engine.

Step 3: Once the above information is entered, click the button ‘Save Changes’ to save the reading settings information.

We hope that this tutorial will help to configure the WordPress Reading Settings. For more information, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and For video tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel ServerCake India.

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