Cloud Linux:

            CloudLinux OS is a hosting related Linux distributive technology based on CentOS. It uses the Lightweight virtual environment(LVE) kernel technology that is very similar to Open VZ in some aspects or to any other OS based virtualization technologies.

This CloudLinux is mainly designed for shared hosting servers. In shared hosting, the major scenario’s the most common downtime reason that is nothing but a single account grabbing most of the shared resources of the entire server due to the heavy site or unoptimized scripts. As we explained this “CloudLinux OS” is designed especially for servers being used in this way, making the situation where one or several users cause severe load or even hang up the server impossible.

The major feature and use of CloudLinux are to improve the server stability and reliability by encapsulating each and every client account in a secure and isolated environment. It means that each user on the server is limited by a number of resources it can use, being placed in a so-called ‘container’.

CloudLinux includes a special method to restrict the resource leveraging due to single account high resource usage. That method is known as Cage-FS. This Cage Fs is a simple virtualized file system, a set of tools to contain each user in its own ‘cage’. Each account has its own fully functional Cage- FS with all the allocated resources, tools, system resources, etc.

Advantages of CloudLinux:

  • Isolates every individual user from each other to avoid any neighbor high resource using effect.
  • Prevents account users from seeing server configuration files or any other confidential information.
  • Through LVE Manager we can monitor and control limits, such as RAM, CPU, I/O usage, and Entry process limits.
  • It also Monitors and operates MySQL server usage.
  • The most admirable feature of this system is that it allows end users to select PHP versions of their cPanel.
  • Prevents symbolic links attacks to your websites.
  • Compatible with all major type of hosting control panels.

Benefits of Cage-FS:

  • When this technology is implemented on a shared server, only safe binaries are available to the user.
  • The user or any individual account will not see any other users details and probably there is no way to know the presence of other users & their usernames on the server.
  • The user will not be able to see server configuration files, such as Apache config ones.