The Timezone that is used to describe several different things,  but it mostly it refers to the local time of the region or a country.  Server Timezone should reflect the local time zone. If it doesn’t reflect the local time zone, then the user can alter the server time zone through WHM. In this tutorial, we will show you to change the time zone of the server through the WHM panel.

Steps to change server Timezone via WHM

Step 1:

Login into WHM.

Step 2:

Click “Server Configuration” interface.

Step 3:

Enter the “Server Time” option.

Step 4:

Select the required timezone using drop down option.

Step 5:

Finally, click the Change TimeZone button.

Now the server Time Zone is successfully changed. Also, the user can synchronize the server to network’s time server. Click on “Sync Time with Time Server”  to synchronize.

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