Add new DNS records using Simple Zone Editor

This article will guide you to add new DNS Records using Simple Zone Editor in cPanel. DNS converts the Domain names into computer-readable IP address. There are several types of records available in Simple Zone Editor such as A Record, CNAME, and TXT etc. A record can map the hostnames to the IP address. If you don’t have enough A Records then your website will enter into a state where no one can access. To Add New DNS Records Using Simple Zone Editor in cPanel, then follow the below steps.

Step 1 Login to cPanel

Step 2 Select the option Simple Zone Editor under the section Domains

Step 3 Choose the required option for creating a new record. Fill the required fields and then click the button Add record

Step 4 A successful message appears after adding the new record

Step 5 In a similar way, create a CNAME record by filling the respective fields. Then click the option Add record

Step 6 Displays a successfully added message

Step 1 Login to cPanel.
Step 2 Click Simple Zone Editor under Domain Section.
Click Simple Zone Editor under Domain Section.

Click Simple Zone Editor

Step 3 To add new DNS records, choose the record which is needed to be created.
Choose which Record you want to Create.

Choose the record

For example, when you choose the A  record, type the name and IP address, then click the add record button to finish the process.

Step 4 Now successfully created message will be displayed.


Now you have successfully created an A record.

Successfully created

Step 5 If you need to create a CNAME record, then choose CNAME record and fill the name, CNAME fields and finally click the Add record button.
Chose CNAME Record

Create CNAME Record

Step 6 Now the successfully created message will be displayed.


Now successfully created CNAME record.

Successfully created CNAME record.

Simple Zone Editor is similar to Advanced Zone Editor but helps to create records so easy without crossing so many steps. Simple Zone Editor is simple as it says anyone with a basic knowledge knows how to create a record. DNS is for matching the hostname and IP address.