Web tool1. CSS Pre-processors

The CSS Pre-processor allows us to write a CSS in programming fashion with Variables and Functions which then is compiled into browser-compliant CSS format.

2. Template Engine

By using a Template Engine sounds better for this situation. There is now a number of Template Engines that we can use, such as Kit, Jade, and Handlebars. Each has its own writing conventions.

3. Task Runner

Task Runner is a process to build repetitive content on the website. Task Runners automate a number of processes like Minification, Compilation, Unit Testing, Linting, Concatenating Files and Browser Refreshing. It is very easy to automate specific tasks using Task Runner. You can leverage the features in Task Runner to compile LESS file in CSS. Task Runner helps in streamlining workflow. We recommend using Grunt and Gulp.

4. Synchronized Testing Tool

Synchronized Testing is an unavoidable process of building a mobile-friendly website. These tools help you test your website on multiple devices. The tool allows you to test your Web page on different formats instantly. It also tests website features like scrolling, clicking, zoom-in across all devices. You can use a popular plugin-browser sync and Ghostlab for synchronized testing.

5. Development Toolkit

Development Toolkit is a one-stop shop for all web development tools. It consists of a number of tools in one application. We recommend Codekit as it includes LESS, Saas, Kit, Jade, Siml, Uglify, Bower and some other important features. However, Codekit is available exclusively for Mac OS X, We recommend using Prepros for Windows and Koala-app for Linux users.

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