What is SSH?

SSH means Secure Socket Shell. It is a secure protocol for remote logins. Using SSH client, a user can connect to a server to transfer information in a more secure manner. It uses command line interface to execute commands. SSH uses the default opened port 22 for communication over TCP/IP.

How to view the List of Opened ports via SSH?

To know about the list of open ports, netstat command is used. This command is executed in command line interface via SSH.

What is netstat?

The abbreviation of netstat is NETwork STATistics. It is a command line tool available on Windows and Unix/Linux Systems. It provides information about the network connections coming in and going out of the computer. This tool is helpful in investigating the network problems and also gives statistical information about the protocols in use and current TCP/IP network connections. It is available in most versions of Windows, Unix, Linux and other operating systems.

To view the list of opened ports, use the command netstat -an

This command displays all connections, listening ports and their port numbers in numerical form.


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