What is SSH?

SSH means Secure Shell. SSH provides authentication by using the private key. It is the root access to your account from the remote system in a secured manner. SSH access is enabled for VPS and dedicated server.

How to View Banned IP via SSH?

Using SSH, the banned IP can be viewed by using the command IPtables. It allows system administrators to manage incoming and outgoing traffic via a set of configurable table rules. Iptables is a command line firewall. This helps the system administrator to filter the network traffic of the system.

What is IPtable?

IPtable uses policy chains to allow or block traffic. When a connection tries to establish itself on a system, IPtable looks for a rule in its list to match it.  It resorts to the default action If it doesn’t find one.  IPtables are almost pre-installed on any Linux distribution.

To update/install it, just retrieve the IPtable package sudo apt-get install iptables

IPtable uses 3 different chains. They are input, forward and output.

Input – This chain is used to control the behavior of incoming connections.

Forward – This chain is used for incoming connections that are not actually being delivered locally. The data is just forwarded to its target.

Output – This chain is used for outgoing connections.

Command to view Banned IP:

A client was not able to access the server and update his site, although the server was accessible from anywhere. With the help of the command IPtables, the client’s IP was checked and it comes to know that the IP was blocked. To view the banned IP use the commandiptables -L INPUT -v -n

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