File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol is used for transferring files over the internet. FTP is used to upload or download the files from the server.

Transferring files from a client system to the server is called uploading and transferring files from a server to the client is known as downloading. The File Transfer Protocol helps to upload or download files to your website. FTP is a part of TCP/IP protocol. The TCP/IP protocol is the basic protocol and it runs over the internet.

Different File Transfer Modes in FTP

FTP mainly uses two file transfer modes

  • Binary Mode

It is used to transfer images, application and archive files etc.

  • ASCII Mode (American Standard Code for Information Interchange Mode)

ASCII mode is used to transfer the text files from one to another.

Requirements for using FTP

  1. FTP Client should be installed in the system
  2. FTP server address
  3. FTP Username and Password

FTP Clients

The files can be uploaded or downloaded in File Transfer Protocol using the FTP clients. Many FTP clients are available


FileZilla is one of the popular File Transfer Protocol clients. The FileZilla is an open source and free File Transfer Protocol client which works on all platform like Linux, Windows, and Mac. It used for uploading and downloading files. FileZilla is fast and reliable for FTP, SFTP, and FTPS.

Some of the features of FileZilla: It is easy to use, Multi-Language support, drag and drop support, supports resume and transfer of a large number of files, filename filters, directory comparison etc.

How does the FTP Protocol Works?

FTP client and server require two connections for transferring files. One is for connection command and other is for sending and receiving data. File Transfer Protocol makes use of the port 21 for sending commands to the server. So the port 21 is called as the command port since it is used for sending commands. The port that is used for sending and receiving data is called data port. The data port may vary according to the connection.

If any problems arise when connecting to the server you have to check the connection mode of the FTP. There is two connection modes in File Transfer Protocol – Active and Passive connection mode. The mode should be either set to Active or Passive. In Active mode, the clients establish the command channel and the server establish the data channel. After establishing the connection, the server will transfer the files to the client. In Passive mode, the client will establish both the channels (Command and Data channel). When the Client receives the port number it will send the connection and data to the server.

Firewall is used for adding security to the server. Client connection and data is received by the firewall and after authentication, the firewall will forward to the server.  Firewall is used both in active and passive mode. The client supplies the PASV command and waits for the server to supply port and IP address. The server will send the port and the IP address to the client. The client after receiving port number and IP address it will wait for the server to communicate with it.  The server will communicate with the client and the files will be transferred from the server to the client. with the help of File Transfer Protocol (FTP), you can upload or download files in a simple way.

How to Secure FTP?

Secure FTP is securing the FTP connection. It can be obtained by several methods


The FTPS is transmission over the Transmission Layer Security (TLS)/Secure Socket Layer (SSL). There are two FTPS.

  • FTPS Implicit SSL and
  • FTPS Explicit SSL

FTPS Implicit SSL

The FTPS Implicit is establishing the connection between the client and the server. The server will respond only if the connection is established by the client else the server will refuse to connect.

FTPS Explicit SSL

In FTPS Explicit SSL, the client can communicate with the server without any protection level. The client will use both encrypted and unencrypted File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to communicate with the server. If the clients have to encrypt the SSL, it will make use of the command AUTH SSL.


SSH file transfer protocol or Secure File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer the files. SFTP is password protected and the information is exchanged only with the authorized network.

Commands used in FTP

Some of the commands used in FTP

  1. To connect a machine using FTP server –
  2. To open an FTP connection –
  3. To exit the FTP program – Quit
  4. To upload a file using FTP – put (local_file_path)
  5. To download a file using FTP – get (remote file path) (local path [ where the file has to be saved])

FTP in cPanel

The FTP Account is used for creating and managing files on the website.

Add FTP Account to cPanel

To add an FTP account, the user should mention their username and password in their appropriate boxes. They should mention their FTP home directory, disk space quota etc. After mentioning the required details, the user can create their own FTP account. Using this username and password only the user can create or manage the files on the website.

Change Password

To change the password

  1. Click on change password icon and enter the password as you wish to change
  2. Retype the password again and click the save button.

Change Quota

To change the disk quota

  1. Click on the change quota icon and select the account you want to change the quota
  2. Enter the disk space
  3. Click change quota


To delete the FTP account

  1. Click on delete FTP account
  2. Delete can be done in 2 ways

The “Delete Accounts” – This option will delete only the FTP account and not the files.

Delete Account and Files – This option delete both the file and the account

Configuring File Transfer Protocol Client

To configure the FTP client

  1. Click on the FTP configure client
  2. Choose the configure clients like FileZilla, Cyberduck etc.
  3. After installing the configuration file run the script to the computer. so that the FTP client will communicate with the FTP server.

ServerCake India is the best hosting in India provides File Transfer Protocol accounts options in cPanel. The FTP account in Cpanel is used for creating and managing files.

Once if the FTP account is created, the client can upload or download files using their own credentials. The file uploading and downloading is very simple in FTP. It does not require any knowledge of file transferring. So uploading and downloading files using FTP is simple and easy. Server cake provides this option to their clients to make their work simple.

Thanks for your interest. Hope the article provides you valuable information. If you have any queries on the uses of File Transfer Protocol, please leave your comments below.

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