accesses the WHM interface’s features. You can use this API to perform server administration tasks, administrate cPanel and WHM reseller accounts, and also manage cPanel and WHM services.

The command applist returns an alphabetical list of WHM API 1 functions. You cannot call this API’s functions via another API’s call methods. For more information, read the API method distinctions section below.

Basic usage of JSON API

WHM API calls through JSON that consists of the following basic parts



Server and port The web server’s HTTP address and the port number to use. Generally, this value begins with https:// and the domain name.
When you call this API, use the following ports:
2086 — Unsecured calls as a specific WHM account.
2087 — Secure calls as a specific WHM account.
Security token
The current session’s security token.
Input parameters and values
The function’s input parameters and their values. You must use URI-encode values. Separate multiple parameter=value pairs with the ampersand character (&).
The WHM API function.
API version
The API version to use. To call WHM API 1, set the api.version parameter to 1.
API type
The API output type that you wish to receive. Use json-api to return JSON-formatted output.

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