Themes for cPanel:

cPanel Themes are perfect for making strong digital branding for your business. cPanel themes should be flexible to add domains and the design should be attractive. Themes are provided with advanced features such as geo-localization and 2-way authentication.  x3 and Paper Lantern is the best themes used in designing cPanel.

x3 theme:

The x3 theme is built on an MVC framework and it can be easily extendable. An x3 theme provides a simple way to add features to the website. The layout of x3 is customizable so that a pre-existing theme or a new theme can be designed. Each theme can contain one or more templates. Each website area can use a different theme and each page can use a different template. It is very easy to use and it provides many features for adding an unlimited number of groups and users. With the help of x3, multi-language websites can also be created with independent menu and contents. It supports simple editing for both texts and images.

Paper Lantern:

Paper Lantern theme is the latest theme for customizing cPanel interface. It gives a fresh look to the users. It is more easily accessible and it provides many advanced features. This theme was being developed openly so that any change can be viewed as they happen. As the code can be easily visible, new designs can be developed easily by the developers.

Themes for WHM:

The standard theme for WHM is x.x theme has multiple, completely unique designs built within it. The theme contains many underlying elements such as HTML and CSS. This theme provides many features to add domains and it provides 2-factor authentication. It theme provides multi-feature image options. It supports WHM so that it maintains its integrity.

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