What is User Home Directory?

A home directory is a file system directory on a multi-user operating system containing files for a given user of the system. A home directory also called login directory is the directory on the Unix-like operating system. It serves as the repository for a user’s personal file, directories, and programs. It is also the directory that a user is first in after logging into the system.

A home directory is created automatically for every ordinary user in the directory called /home. The root directory which is designated by a forward slash(/), is the directory that contains all other directories and their sub-directories as well as all files on the system.

Which Symbol represents the User Home Directory?

The User Home Directory is represented by the symbol ~.

~ refers to the home directory of the current user.

~/myFile refers to myFile in the current user’s home directory.

~foo represents the home directory of the user foo.

~foo/yourFile refers to your File in foo’s home directory.

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