SpamAssassin is a mail filter which helps to identify the spam and filters the unwanted messages. It uses various tests and spam filtering methods to recognize spam messages and the tests are applied to email headers and content of the mail. It works for all the email accounts in cPanel and can be configured to delete any spam emails automatically.

Steps to enable SpamAssassin:

  • Login to cPanel
  • Under the section Email, click Apache SpamAssassin
  • Click Enable Apache SpamAssassin

Spam Score Limit:

SpamAssassin considers the incoming messages as spam based on the score. It considers the messages as spam when the score is set to 5. This is the default score considered by SpamAssassin as a spam. If the score is set to 0, then all the incoming emails will be considered as spam. If the score is set to 10 or less than 10, then it will not be considered as spam. This score limit can be selected by simply clicking the drop-down menu in the Filters section. If it is unable to set spam score limit in the Filters drop-down menu, then it can be changed by clicking ‘Configure SpamAssassin’. Then enter the preferred value in the required score field and save it.

Auto-Delete Spam:

Auto-Delete Spam automatically deletes the messages that are spam when the score limit value exceeds the spam score limit. The default value is 5. The auto-deletion of spam can be enabled by clicking ‘Auto-Delete Spam’ and can be disabled by clicking ‘Disable Auto-Delete Spam’.

Spam Box:

Spam Box creates a folder and moves the spam emails directly to the folder. It allows the user to view the spam emails before deleting it. Spam Box can be enabled by clicking the option ‘Enable Spam Box’.

Apache SpamAssassin Configuration:

All the incoming emails are viewed by SpamAssassin and given a score based on its characteristics. Click ‘Apache SpamAssassin Configuration’ to configure different settings of the spam. After clicking, the page will be redirected to a menu where several options are available. It has fields such as blacklist_from, required_score, score and whitelist_from.

Blacklist_from: If continuous spam emails come from an address, it can be prevented by blocking the address by using ‘black_list from’.

Required_score: Assign scores to test the mail. Scores can be positive or negative real numbers or integers.

Score: This score is replaced by a new number. All the emails are scored with this number. It has the default value 5. The value 0 specifies all the incoming mail as spam.

Whitelist_from: If an address is mistakenly identified as spam and blocked, it can be whitelisted by using this option.  After configuring the settings, click save.

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