social media

The websites and applications enable the users to create and share the content or to participate in social networking. The social media marketing statistics for 2017 are,


The statistics of Facebook users are 75% of male internet users are on Facebook as well as 83% of female internet users. And 22% of the world’s total population uses the Facebook.


The 32% of teenagers are on Instagram. The female internet users are more likely to use Instagram than men, at 38% vs 26% and the most Instagram users are between 18-29 years old.


The 81% of millennials check the Twitter at least once per day.


Youtube reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 years old than any cable network in the United States. Just 10,000 Youtube Videos have generated more than 1 billion views.


In Snapchat over 400 million snaps are shared on Snapchats per day.


93% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan or make purchases.


The average Linkedin user spends 17 minutes on the site per month. And the 39% of Linkedin users pay for monthly premium accounts.


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