Parallel Plesk admin panel is a powerful and easily accessible web interface that helps you to administrate your Linux or Windows server. Admin panel is the important aspect of every control panels. So the admin panel login should be secure against Brute Force attack. The recent version of the Plesk panel provides some additional features. They are

IP Address Banning (Fail2Ban):

This is one of the added security features with Plesk setup to automatically block or ban System’s IP address that generates invalid or malware traffic. When any unauthorized user tries to log in your Plesk panel with invalid login details their specific system’s IP address will be banned and they can’t access your Plesk server anymore until its unblocked.

Restrict Administrative Access:

The “Restrict Administrative Access” feature with Plesk reduces the brutal attack to the Plesk login damn so that it keeps the server to free from any kind of attackers hand. This feature is really needed choice when it comes to login panel security. Through this service, we shall restrict the admin access by the system’s IP address of legitimated users. Technically speaking, the system’s public IP which all predefined and white-listed in the server only can access the server login with valid login details. Even though the login made with correct login details from the unlisted IP address to access the admin page will be rejected automatically. As the mentioned IP in the whitelist only able to log in the Plesk panel, sometimes the legitimate users also get affected when they want to access their Plesk from new internet environment by the situation.


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