Restore database in cPanel

Restore database in cPanel

This is an article about how you can restore database backup files through cPanel. This is only possible if you have the backup file on your computer. At some occasions you may accidentally delete some important files from your website or an email, you don’t worry we can get it back by restoring it from the backup stored in your computer. If you are hosting your website in a good hosting provider then they will keep a daily backup of your website. You can request for the backup files to your hosting provider and they will send it to you. To restore a database in cPanel, follow the below steps

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Step 2: Select the option “Backup Wizard” under the section Files

Step 3: Click the option “Restore” to restore a backup file

Step 4: Choose the restore type as MySQL Databases for restoring a database file

Step 5: Select the file for restoring by clicking the option “Choose File”

Step 6: Click the option “Upload” to ensure the file to be uploaded

Step 7: Now the database is restored successfully and now it can be managed via MySQL and phpMyAdmin in cPanel

 Step 1 Login to cPanel via your domain URL or server URL.
Step 2 Under the “Files” section, click on “Backup Wizard” option. You redirected to the “Backup” page. In the “Backup” page you can generate the backup and restore it into cPanel.
Click the Backup Wizard on the cPanel Account

Select Backup Wizard

Step 3 Click the option “Restore” to restore a backup file in cPanel.
Click the restore button

Click the Restore button

Step 4 You can restore your database using the “Restore a MySQL Database Backup” option by choosing a file from your local computer.
Select a MySQL Database button

Select MySQL Database button

Step 5 Select the respective file from your local computer and click “Open” button to upload the database backup from your local system.
Choose a file from local computer

Choose a file from local computer

Step 6 Selected file is shown near the “Choose File” option and then click “Upload” button. To ensure update the database in the file.
Upload a file

Upload a file

Step 7 The SQL query execution list is shown. The Restore database process has been completed successfully. Now you can able to manage this database in MySQL and PHPMyAdmin under cPanel.
Now the backup is restoring

Now the backup is restored.

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