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Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

The account owner or holder can resell the server resources. The user can use the allocated bandwidth and hard disk drive to host the websites on behalf individuals and other companies. It gives the user to serve own web hosting company. Reseller Hosting can be owned by entrepreneurs, web designers, firms or anyone who sells hosting as an add-on service.

Steps to start a Reseller Hosting:

  1. Choose a Reseller Plan
  2. Set up your website and pricing model
  3. Market your hosting products
  4. Client buys hosting and domain from you
  5. Charge them your own price
  6. Send a confirmation email with the information about the website set up.
  7. Repeat the steps 3-6 to get more clients.

Key Terms in Reseller:

White Label:

White Label Business entrepreneurs can rebrand and sell it as their own service.

SSD (Solid State Drive):

SSD increases the performance of the website.

IP (Internet Protocol):

Internet Protocol is a unique address of the system.


WHMCS is a billing software for receiving the payments.


cPanel is a control panel that allows controlling the websites.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol):

FTP transfers files from one host to another.


MySQL is a database to store information.



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