The AWStats tool provides the more useful information about the visits on the website. It is one of the Opensource Web analytics reporting tools. The Awstats has the option to choose the domain to see the Statistics. This tool will update the data in every 24-36 hours and get displayed within the tool on the monthly basis.

The Awstats calls visitors is, in fact, the number of computers that the web server saw. The visits counter is the number of time a website has been visited. A visit is a new connection to the website from the visitor. The number of pages seen by the visitor are not counted here.

Visitors ranking by domain and country:

The visitor rank by the countries and the domains that shows you by decreasing an order the number of downloaded pages, the number of pages, hits and bandwidth used by domain and/or country.

The origin of the visitor is computed from the domain name of the visitor. Those data are not really true since there are many Internet access providers who are using .com or .net domain names and not country-code domains for their customers.

Steps to Remove Awstats Logs using cPanel:

Step: 1 Log into your cPanel Login Page.

Step: 2 Open File Manager and navigate to the /tmp/awstats folder with a path of home/yourusername/tmp/awstats.


Step: 3 Here the list of IP’s which the users access the cPanel in the mentioned IP.

Step: 4 The User can delete AWStats details which they not need.

That’s all You will see the list of IP address which the users access the cPanel. Now you can able to delete or View the Awstats in the cPanel file manager.

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