PHPList is an open source mailing system. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL database for storing the information. PHPList has the ability to manage a list of recipients and sends messages to a large number of recipients. It has the facility to attach files to the emails like photos, business documentations, carts, etc. In this, the recipient management, registration, unsubscribe requests, personal data changes are automated. The subscriptions for one or more lists can be made through a subscription page which is integrated into a website. The basic information requested during registration such as language, date of birth, country, etc can be modified at any time. This information can be used for sending targeted messages. The public interface is available in 35 languages.

PHPList was developed for Apache, Linux, and MySQL and it is also compatible with FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OS X, and Windows. It connects to MySQL database and also it can extend the connectivity to other databases such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Sybase, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server with the support of ADOdb.

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