The OneClick installer is freely available to all Linux hosting packages. It was designed for installing popular software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Coppermine as easy as possible. The OneClick Installer does away with having to log into your site via FTP, download, install and manually configure applications. We have put the whole process behind an intuitive interface all from within your Fasthosts control panel.


Softaculous is a script library that automates the installation of PHP scripts like commercial and open source web application to a website. Softaculous is admin area of web control panel but via user interface tool such as cPanel, Plesk, ISPmanager, DirectAdmin. It will adjust the permission for the script, creates the databases and table, enable the necessary PHP extension, modifies the web server configuration files and install the script in the respective account within 2-5 minutes.

The user needs to mention the location(path) of the script installation on the server, E-mail addresses, admin username and admin password. If the user wishes they can edit the database name and password also. In the user’s interactive form filling method and ease of use.

The Softaculous also has its own brand scripts like Webuzo, Virtualizor and much more. The Softaculous are available in Pro and Free versions. The pro version provides one-step installation of 250+ scripts on various categories.


The Cloudron is the One-Click Application Installer and it is a complete application solution with automatic backups, updates, DNS setups, Secure Firewall and SSL also. It is 100% open source. Cloudron is providing the Documentation and chat support to guide the user.

The Cloudron is supporting few categories of scripts in its app store. They are Blog, Chats, Code Hosting, E-mail, Image Galleries, Sync, Notes, Project Management, Wiki. In Cloudron, you can invite the user and create the groups among themselves to control for accessing the apps. The user uses the same credentials across all apps.

The built-in email server that supports SMTP, IMAP and SPAM filtering and DNS setup for the email are completely automated. We can access the email by using the Rainloop and RoundCube from the Cloudron app store.

The Cloudron CLI tool:

To fork the Cloudron from Git:

The Cloudron CLI allows to install, configure and test apps on your Cloudron server. You can also submit your app to the Cloudron Store.

Pre-request for installing Cloudron

  1. js
  2. Npm

If you are already installed. Please run the command:


npm install -g cloudron

Once your installation completed. You can confirm it by using the cloudron help command in a shell. This help command will list the subcommands and description.

Fantastico & Fantastico Deluxe:

Fantastico is a commercial script library that automates the installation of web applications to a website. The Fantastico scripts can be executed from the website control panel such as cPanel. The Fantastico’s website claims that they are installed on ten thousand servers, with a million users worldwide. Fantastico is a script library that automates the installation process. It is a commercial application. The user can install the web application to a website. Fantastico script can be executed from the control panel such as cPanel administration area.


Installatron is an application installer that supports multi-platform such as Linux, BSD, and Windows. It provides the graphical user interface and automated tools designed to simplify the process to deploy the web application. The user can manage the web application using the Installatron. Installatron is available as the plug-in for popular hosting control panels.  The developer maintains the support for many web hosting control panels.


Features Softaculous Softaculous Free Cloudron Installatron Fantastico
Number of Scripts 417 55 43 83 50
Multilingual Apps yes yes yes No
One-click app upgrade Yes yes Yes yes no
Backup & Restore yes yes Yes yes No
Error Logging Yes yes yes No
Hooks Yes yes no No
Uninstall Application yes yes yes Yes Yes

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