An Animated GIF is a graphical image which is often used on a web page. This type of images is quick and easy to present dynamic image contents in the web pages. Their file sizes are smaller in size so that it can be downloaded by the browser easily.

Procedure to make Animated GIF:

An Animated GIF can be formed by logging into websites such as and

Steps to make an Animated GIF from Videos:

In and, a gif image can be formed from videos or images. A gif generator can create animated gif from any video files or youtube videos.

The animated gif can be created from the video by the following steps

  • Select the section of the video to use for creating an animated Gif
  • Customize the image size
  • Control the frames per second
  • Add text to the image
  • Control the speed of the image
  • Modify the number of times according to the wish.

These websites help in creating the gif images from Youtube videos easily. Once a gif is created, it can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit.

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