Mailman is the third-party software that is included in the cPanel and WHM (Web Host Manager) servers to manage the mailing lists. Mailman is software to managing the electronic email discussions and e-newsletter lists. Mailman is integrated with the web and it is a free software. Mailman is easy for the user to manage their accounts and for the list owners to administrate their lists. It supports with archiving, content filtering, digest delivery, automatic bounce back processing, spam filters etc., Current stable version: 2.1.23 released on 27-Aug-2016.

Mailman Features:

  1. Through the web list creation and removal (with automatic support depending on the MTA).
  2. Multi-lingual support: list web pages and email notices can be in any of nearly two dozen supported language, configurable per-site, per-list, and per-user.
  3. “Real name” support for members.
  4. Support for personalized deliveries and VERP-like message delivery for foolproof bounce detection.
  5. Emergency moderation.
  6. MIME-based content filtering, with demime/stripmime like options.
  7. Regular expression based topic filtering.
  8. Through the web membership management.
  9. Through the web administrative requests pages.
  10. Moderated newsgroup support.
  11. Flexible moderation and privacy controls.
  12. Subscription invitations.
  13. Auto-response controls.
  14. User controllable delivery options.
  15. Urgent: header support (bypasses digests to reach all the users immediately).

Mailman 3 adds lots of other features, including:

  1. Virtual hosting support, with no list name restrictions.
  2. Single user account to manage all subscription addresses.
  3. Users can specify a preferred address to use by default.
  4. Flexible architecture for integration with your own site.
  5. REST-based API for the core system.
  6. Completely revamped and improved web user interface (Postorius) and default archiver (HyperKitty).

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