About LVE Manager

LVE stands for Lightweight Virtual Environment developed by the CloudLinux team.

It is a plugin for most popular control panels including cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, and ISPmanager (InterWorx coming soon).

LVE Manager Features

LVE allows you to control and CPU limits, memory resource, number of processes and concurrent connection per each user.

It is installed by default on most servers.

Light Weight Virtual Environment process technology used to prevent a single website can be consuming all CPU, memory and IO resources.

The LVE Manager allows the user to limit resources per single website.

It’s used to find the abusers and also allow the take action in it.

LVE Manager used to view usage history per account and also you can able to create and apply the default packages

It identifies top users and upsells to higher-end plans.

LVE Manager has following parameter and you can able to limit that resources using LVE Manager interface

Entry Process:

Entry process limits the control the number of entries into LVE.


An inode is a data structure on a file system. It’s to keep the information about a file or folder. The number of inodes mentions the number of file and folder in that account consume.

Number of Processes:

The process limit used to avoid the DoS attack. Once the given limit is reached, no new process is created until another process is created.

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