How to solve Login Page Redirect issue in WordPress

How to solve Login

Login Page Redirect Error:

Login issues are caused by various multiple errors like error establishing in database connection, internal server error, white screen of death, and so on. Another type of login error is Login Page Redirect Error. It occurs whenever you are trying to login to your dashboard, it gets refreshing and redirecting back to the login screen. Here we will show you how to resolve the issue. We can fix this issue in multiple methods shown below.

Clear Cookies:

The first step in troubleshooting is the simplest one. Clear the browser cookies and cache. Because WordPress uses cookies for login authentication. Make sure that your browser cache and cookies have enabled or not. After checking that, restart your browser and try again to log in. Most of the times this will help you to fix the issue. If the issue has not resolved, then continue to the below steps.

Deactivating the plugins:

Sometimes plugins also can cause Login Page Redirect error due to the conflict between two plugins. Page redirecting error can be resolved by deactivating the plugins. To deactivate your plugins, connect to FTP client and rename the folder plugins to plugins_backup. You can find the plugins folder in the wp-content folder. If you can’t access to your WP admin then try to deactivate the plugin via cPanel. In cPanel, go to phpMyAdmin option and select the database and goto wp-options table. Click on active_plugins and click the edit link next to it. On the editing screen, you need to change the value to a:0:{}| and click Go button. This will help you to deactivate all plugins.

Set Default theme:

In some of the cases, WordPress themes can also cause this Login Page Redirect error. If a theme is upgraded to new version, it will be reflecting in the page redirection issue. You can find out whether the issue is caused due to the themes, by setting default theme to the website. To deactivate your theme, go to wp-content folder. Then click on themes folder and rename your current theme directory to anything. It will automatically fall back to default theme after renaming the themes folder. Now try to log in again. If the login was successfully completed, it means you can confirm that the issue was made by the themes.

Delete .htaccess file:

Corrupted .htacces file can also cause this error. So delete the .htaccess file from your directory and try again. Before deleting the .htaccess file, connect to FTP client and take a backup of your .htaccess file in your computer. Also check in the wp-admin folder, whether there is a .htaccess file is available or not. If it is available then delete it. Now try again to log in. If you succeeded then go to settings in WordPress and click on permalinks and then click save button. It will generate a new .htaccess file.

Update Site URL:

Sometimes the site URL defining can fix the issue. Add the below codes in the webconfig.php file and save it.
Hopefully, this can also fix the issue. If the above steps are not working for you, then contact your Hosting Provider. They will find the cause and fix it ASAP. We hope this article will help you to resolve the issue. For more information, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. For video tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel “ServerCake India”.


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