Web server is the software program that acts between the server and the client browser, the web server is a program that HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) to serve files that create web pages to the client browsers as per users requests. In other words, a web server is an internet server that continuously listens for the HTTP requests from the client browser and delivers the contents as per the given requests. This web server program contains may parameters in order delivery the static web page content to the browser when a client system i.e browser request for the web page.

There are various types of web servers available in the market based, one of the most know web server is “Lite Speed Web Server”, it also knows as LSWS.

Lite Speed web server is the high-performance and apache replacement. This web server software is commonly used together with web hosting control panels. Since it replaces the Apache as the web server, which improves the performance of the server. The supported and advanced feature of LSWS are HTTP/1.1, SSL, CGI, FastCGI, LSAPI, PHP, JSP, Servlets, GZIP compression, chroot, IP level throttling, connection accounting, DoS attack prevention, and instant recovery mechanisms.

The Major advantages of using Lite Speed web server are:

  • LSWS can serve thousands of clients with less memory consumption and minimum CPU usage.
  • It increases the server security because it is mod_security compatible and has built-in anti DDos features like bandwidth and connection throttling.
  • LiteSpeed web server reduces the extra hardware, support costs that allowing to keep the hosting control panel and it relieving your server from Overloaded issues.
  • The LightSpeed web server increases the stability and the performance with its streamlined event-driven architecture.

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