WHM (Web Host Manager) is a control panel which allows the hosting providers to manage their customer’s individual cPanel accounts. In WHM, we can create new accounts and set the limits for an individual account. WHM can brand customers cPanel interface with custom logos. Reseller users get the basic WHM panel whereas VPS and Dedicated Server account gets the WHM with root privileges to the server.

The optionĀ ‘List Suspended Accounts’ in WHM interface can list the accounts which were suspended in the server and allows to unsuspend or terminate the account. When an account is suspended, the system disables their passwords which is useful if a client fails to comply with the terms of services or failed to pay their bills.

Steps to List Suspended Accounts in WHM:

Step 1: Login to WHM with the username and password.

Step 2: Go to the option ‘Account Information’ and select ‘List Suspended Accounts’ to view the list of suspended accounts in it.

Click the option 'List suspended accounts'

Step 3: The list of suspended accounts will be displayed and lists with the following fields.

Displays list of suspended accounts

Domain – Displays the name of the suspended domain.

User – Displays the username of the particular cPanel account.

Owner – Displays the reseller name who owns the account. If there are no resellers on the server, then it will be displayed as root.

Date Suspended – Shows the date and time of the suspended account.

Reason – If entered the reason while suspending the account, then it will be displayed.

Step 4: If need to unsuspend the account, click the button ‘Unsuspend’ corresponding to the particular account. Or the particular account can be deleted with the option ‘Terminate’.

Click option 'Unsuspend' to activate account

Note: The option ‘terminate’ deletes the account permanently from the WHM.