Difference between Linux VS Windows hosting

Linux vs Windows Hosting

Differents between Linux VS Windows hosting

Web hosting is providing space for the Website on the server. The websites are stored on the server so if any person types any domain name the domain name’s IP address will interact with the server and the result is displayed to the client. The first and foremost thing to be considered in hosting a website is choosing the right Operating System. The best way to select the Operating System is based on the scripting language and the features offered by the OS. The most common web hosting providers are either;

  • Linux (or)
  • Windows

Introduction to Linux Hosting

Linux is a UNIX type operating system which makes use of the Kernel to interact with the hardware. Linux is open source software and it is free and cheaper when compared to Windows. It supports free and open source applications. It makes use of the cPanel to access the backend of the website. Linux is the best platform for web application such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and open source programming languages like PHP, MYSQL etc. It provides password protected directory along with the permission to its user and offers Apache-based web servers to its clients. In Linux, various maintenance and management tools come with free of cost. It gives more support to its users. Linux is case sensitive. For e.g. EXAMPLE.COM and example.com are different domain names in Linux.

Introduction to Windows Hosting

Windows is a widely known Operating system. It is the best choice for designing the websites in ASP.Net, but the Windows hosting is slightly costlier when compared to Linux hosting. Windows make use of the Plesk to access the Backend of the server Windows offers IIS (Internet Information Service (or) Server) to its clients. Apache can also be used in windows, but it is not recommended by the hosting companies. The Windows make use of Access database and FrontPage extension. The FrontPage extension is used for communicating the client with the server.

Linux vs. Windows Hosting


The websites hosted on the server should be more secure. Linux platform is more secure than windows. Windows is easy to hack whereas Linux is more secure. So the hosting companies provide services in Linux based servers due to its security and stability. ServerCake offers secure Linux based hosting to its clients.

Performance and Stability:

Generally, in Hosting, Linux OS gives better performance than Windows OS. Linux platform is very fast when compared to Windows OS.

Linux OS is more stable when compared to Windows OS. The website hosted in Linux will have 99.9% uptime whereas in Windows if there is any problem it will lack in performance. The System configuration, the power supply are also important factors for the network uptime.


Linux is free and cheaper whereas Windows is Costlier when compared to Linux OS. This server is affordable and easy to maintain and there is no licensing cost for Linux OS. Linux is flexible and updating is absolutely free but in Windows, we need to pay for updating.

Server Compatibility:

Both Linux and Windows offer the FTP access, but only Linux offer Telnet and SSH (Secure Shell) access. The Telnet and SSH are used for manipulating files in the server.

Technologies Supported:

Linux is the best platform for web applications like WordPress, Joomla and programming languages like PHP, MYSQL. The .Net programming language and Access database are also supported by Windows

Difference between cPanel and Plesk

Linux provides cPanel control panel to its clients. cPanel is a Graphical Interface and it is very common and easy to use. Windows provides Plesk panel to its clients. Plesk panel offers only limited functionalities to its clients. cPanel is more powerful and it provides SSH and much other functionality to its clients. Another main advantage of cPanel is it is cheaper than Plesk panel. cPanel comes with WHM (Web Hosting Manager) which is used for cPanel administration.

As a whole based on the features offered by both Linux and windows, we can decide that Linux hosting is better than the Windows hosting. ServerCake is the Best Hosting in India offers Linux hosting which is more secure and stable for web hosting. ServerCake offers CloudLinux for all hosting accounts for better performance and stability.

Thanks for your interest. I hope this article provides you valuable information on Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting. If you have any queries please leave your comments below.



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