Set the size of Mailbox Linux:

Set the size of the Mailbox of an existing mail account in Linux using the command lineThis mail utility will be very much useful when you want to manage domain mail service and mail names (email accounts) through Command Line Interface(CLI). You can perform the following tasks using this mail utility:

  • Enabling or disabling mail service on subscriptions.
  • Creating and deleting mail accounts.
  • Editing mail account settings.
  • Managing mail groups associated with mail accounts.

The following command will create a mail account, sets password demopass for it, sets the size of the email box to 50 MB, and enables the antivirus screening of both incoming and outgoing email messages for the mail account.


Plesk bin mail --create -password demopass -mbox_quota 50M -antivirus inout

Commands to set the size of mailbox Linux:

Plesk bin mail -- update -mbox_quota 50m
Plesk bin mail -u -mbox_quota 50m