cPanel is a popular web hosting control panel. It has the multiple features in it and very user-friendly to handle. IP blocker is one of the features in cPanel and used to block the IP address. Here you will see, how to block IP address via cPanel.

Steps to Block IP address via cPanel:

1. Login into cPanel.

2. Goto security section and click the IP blocker interface.

3. Here add the IP address, If you need to block. Then click add.

You can add the IP address in below different formats:

  • Single IP address: Here you will add the single IP address.

For Example: and  2001:db8::1

  • Ranges:  You can add the IP address in ranges.

For Example:

  • Implied range: Here you will block a specified range of IP address

For Example: and 2001:db8::1

4. Now you can see, the successful IP blocked message.

5. And also you can see, the list of blocked IP address using an IP blocker feature on cPanel.

Now you are able to deny a specific IP address or ranges of IP addresses to access your websites. We hope that this tutorial will help you to block the IP addresses in cPanel. For more information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For video tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel “ServerCake India”.

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