Alan Mathison Turing is the father of theoretical computer science and an artificial intelligence. He was born on June 23, 1912, in England. He invented the “Turing machine” from which he formed the concept of algorithms and computations. Turing machine is an abstract machine which manipulates the symbols on a strip of tape. The Turing machine can perform six fundamental operations such as read, write, move left, move right, change state, and halt.¬†Alan Mathison Turing, OBE, FRS, has a rightful claim to the title of father of modern computing. He laid the theoretical groundwork for a universal machine that models a computer in its most general form before the World War II. During the war, Turing was instrumental in developing and influencing actual computing devices that have been said to have shortened the war by up to two years by decoding encrypted enemy messages that were believed by others to be unbreakable.

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