The remote MySQL connection can allow the remote client applications to connect the databases directly. But enabling the direct access to the databases is a potential security risk. This connection can help to access the database on the server by enabling a program on the personal computer. This is useful when the user allows shopping cart or guestbook applications on other servers to access the databases. To enable a remote MySQL connection, ensure the IP address that will access the database. This will protect the database by accepting only the external connections that are already set.

Steps to enable Remote MySQL Connection:

1.  Login to cPanel.

2. Select ‘Remote MySQL’ under the section Databases.

3. Enter the remote IP address in the Add Access Host

4. Click Add Host.

Steps to disable Remote MySQL Connection:

1. In Remote MySQL Connection, click ‘Delete’ next to the corresponding IP address which is to be removed.

2. To ensure the removal of the IP address, click ‘Remove Access Host’. Then the IP address will be removed.

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