What is Email Queue?

Email Queue
Email Queue

Email Queue:

The electronic mails are waiting to be sent are queued or buffered in an email queue. It will be periodically flush(delete) from the mail server. The server or system administrator also manually delete the emails from the mail queue.

Email queue stores each and every email you send from the server and records the successful / failure. You can re-queue the unsent email and review the mail applications. You can control the mail queue using the command line interface also such as SSH.

Basic Mail Queue Information:

  1. Count of the messages in the queue.
  2. Listing the message in the queue
  3. Summary of the message.
  4. Print the current status.
  5. Display all mail server configuration settings and etc.,

Email Queue Plugins:

There are some plugins are available to maintain the message for the websites. The plugins are majorly used on the CMS websites like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and etc.,

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