DNS Zone Templates is a feature available in WHM which is to apply a set of default DNS records whenever a new account is created. If you are a reseller, you can able to update the default DNS zone template used for creating a new account. These templates can automatically update the associated zone settings whenever a new domain is created. If a custom template was applied to a new account, it can also be still edited with any of the domains. The following steps help to create or edit a DNS template in WHM.

Steps to edit DNS Zone Templates:

Step 1: Login to WHM and go to the option ‘DNS Functions’.

Select DNS Functions

Step 2: Select the option ‘Edit Zone Templates’. Here you can able to see three templates such as Simple, Standard and Standardvirtualftp.

Select the option Edit Zone Templates

Simple is for domains with an A record only whereas standard is for domains on a dedicated IP address, parked domains, and addon domains. And standardvirtualftp is for domains on a shared IP address.

Available Templates

Step 3: The template ‘standardvirtualftp’ is used to create a custom DNS zone template for every new account created in your reseller panel. You can edit this template with custom settings and then click the option ‘Save’.

Edit Zone Templates

Note: Changing the default DNS Zone Template can cause major DNS issues and affects the websites. Contact your hosting service provider before changing it.