What are DNS Zone Templates?

In WHM,┬áthe DNS templates can be edited when generating Domain Name System zones for domains. This is the advanced feature that allows setting default Domain Name System records that are created every time when a new account is created. To edit a Domain Name System template, go to the “Domain Name System Function Section” and click “Edit Zone Templates” link. you can see three templates. The ‘standard virtual FTP‘ template is used for every new account. Select this template and edit this template with your custom settings. We can find the stored DNS Zone templates directory in cPanel with the following command.

Command to find DNS Zone templates directory:

A DNS is enabled for every domain so that the DNS zone can be defined for every customer. A DNS template can be created with the most frequently used zone settings. So that the customer can simply select a template and automatically apply to the associated zone settings.

In cPanel server, DNS Zone Templates are located at /var/cpanel/zonetemplates

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