Difference between Java 7 and Java 8

java7 vs java8

java7 vs java8

Java SE 7 is released on July 28, 2011, which was developed under JSR 336. It has many small language modifications including strings in switch and JVM was extended with support for dynamic languages. In January 2015, Java 7 Update 76 was released, with expiration date April 14, 2015. In June 2016, after the last public update of Java 7, then “remotely exploitable” security bugs in Java 6, 7, and 8 were announced.

The current version, Java SE 8 (March 18, 2014) comes with notable changes such as language-level support for lambda expressions (closures) and default methods, the Project Nashorn JavaScript runtime, a new Date and Time API inspired by Joda Time, and the removal of PermGen. This version is not officially supported on the Windows XP platform. However, due to the end of Java 7’s lifecycle, it is the recommended version for XP users.


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