In Linux system, Disk space is nothing but the total amount of bytes that a disc or disk drive capable of holding. Generally, the storage device is the computers’ hardware or hard drive, it also can be a USB drive, CD or DVD or floppy disks. The two terms that consistently we talk about is Used disk space and free disk space. Free space is what is available to use and Used space is what is already taken up by existing data on the computer.

The two important command lines used in Linux system is “df” and “du” commands. These two commands are majorly used to check the free disk space on the system through the command console.

The df command has widely used a command to check the available free disk space on your server. It provides the information about your server’s file system.

One of another command to check Disk space in Linux system is “du” (Disk Usage) command line, It is a standard command under Unix and Linux systems. This “du” command line is used to list all the disk space used by files on a server and crucial for disk space management on Linux systems. We can use Several parameters to format and filter the results based upon our requirements.

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