How to Delete Users in WordPress?



WordPress is an open source content management tool and it is written in PHP and Mysql. It is also known as blogging software as well as a framework for web development, supporting more than 60 million websites. WordPress is super flexible for website management which uses thousands of free and premium plugins and themes.

Steps to delete users in WordPress:

Each WordPress website can be managed by the users through the dashboard. The person with administrative access can manage WP users by creating and deleting them. Let us discuss with the below steps to delete users in the WordPress dashboard.

Step: 1 − Click on Users → All Users.


Step: 2 − List of Users gets displayed as shown in the following screen.

List user

Step: 3 − Select the one you want to delete. And click on Delete.delete User

Step: 4 − When you click on Delete you will get the following page.

Confirm deletion

Step: 5 − Select options as required and click on Confirm Deletion. Your user will be deleted.

Step: 6 − We have another method of deleting users. This method is used to delete the users as a bulk. A screen as shown in the following screenshot appears after entering into Users section.

Here you can select the users to delete, check the boxes and click on Delete from the dropdown list. Then click on Apply.

Step: 7 − Once you click on Apply, the selected users will be deleted.


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