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Some tips for creating a perfect social media posts in Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest are as follows

For Instagram:

1. Photo Editing Tools/Apps:

Edit the pictures and enhance its appearance with the help of photo editing tools and apps.

2. Upload Short Videos:

Uploading short videos at regular time intervals will attract more users.

3. Hd Images:

Using high-quality HD images can be more efficient to increase the followers.

4. Use Hashtags Judiciously:

Hashtags should be used carefully so that it should be relevant to the content.

For Google+:

1. Avoid unnecessary Hashtags:

Add more relevant hashtags for increasing the reach.

2. Be Trendy:

Use trendy topics to increase the visibility of the users for the posts.

3. Use photos of proper size:

Make your posts unique and good in appearance by uploading (800*600) full-size images.

4. Tag Influencers and Brands:

Tagging Influencers and brands may increase the chance for them to engage with your posts.

For Pinterest:

1. Avoid Human Images:

Avoid using human images as they may be less attractive.

2. Post-vertical images:

Post your images in the portrait style for attracting more users.

3. Upload Vibrant Coloured Images:

Use images with more attractive and vibrant colors like red, green, and pink.

4. Use more keywords:

Add more keywords and lessen the hashtags for increasing the chances for search box results.

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