FTP(File Transfer Protocol)

An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account is used for uploading and managing files on your website. FTP is a standard network protocol that allows transferring files between two hosts (say, your computer and a Panel server). Control Panel of a website acts as an FTP server, while users should use some FTP client to access the directories on the server.

We can create FTP account in Plesk Control panel through the option ‘FTP access’. It can be used to transfer the website files without logging into the control panel. An FTP account can be managed through this interface.

Steps to create FTP account in Plesk:

Step: 1

Login to the Plesk Panel with the username and password.


From the dashboard screen click on the domain name for which you want to create a File Transfer Protocol account.

Step: 2

Now, click on “FTP Access” →  “Add New FTP Account” button.

FTP Access


Step: 3

Here, you will need to enter the below-mentioned details:

FTP Details

FTP Account Name: <A name of your FTP account>
Home Directory: <A path for which you want to grant FTP access to this FTP account>
New Password: <A password for your FTP account>
Confirm Password: <Retype the above password for confirmation>
Hard Disk Quota: <You can set quota as per desired limit>
Permissions: <Mark both checkboxes to allow upload/download features>

Once all details are entered, click on “OK” button.

Step: 4

You can see that an FTP account is successfully created.


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