Create a Folder in cPanel using File Manager

The files and folders can be organized by using the File Manager in cPanel. This article is about to create a folder in cPanel using File Manager.
To create a folder in cPanel, follow the below steps

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Step 2: Go to Files Section and select the option File Manager

Step 3: Click the Folder button on the top of  the page

Step 4: Fill the necessary details in the text box for creating a folder

Step 5: In the specified location, the folder will be created

Step 1 Login to cPanel.
Step 2 Go to “Files” section and select the option “File Manager”.
cPanel File Manager with Paper Latern Theme

cPanel File Manager

Step 3 Click on the menu “Folder ” at the top.
Create Folder Option on cPanel in File Manager

Create Folder

Step 4 A dialog box will be displayed. Enter the new folder name and the location for the particular folder.
Enter the Folder Name and Location

Enter the Folder Name

Step 5 Go to the specified location, the folder can be viewed.
Folder is Created on Respective Directory

Folder is Created

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