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Build your own business with us using cPanel Linux Hosting. cPanel is the web hosting control panel with GUI (Graphical User Interface). It simplifies your process with some automation tools. In additional to GUI, cPanel has command-line and API access. The Latest cPanel support on CentOS, RedHat (RHEL) and CloudLinux OS.

If you have a doubt to log in to your cPanel account, follow the below steps to log in to your cPanel account.

Note: You can use any browser to cPanel Login. Such as Mozilla Firefox, Edge/Internet Explorer,  Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and etc.,

Step 1: Open a web browser and type your domain name with /cpanel

Step 2: If comfortable with the port numbers, use the URL domain name with port number 2082 for a non-SSL website

Step 3: Use the URL domain name with port number 2083 for an SSL enabled website

Step 4: If your website is enabled with CloudFlare, use the URL cpanel.domainname

Step 5: Follow any of the above steps and press enter key. It redirects to the cPanel login page

Step 6: Enter the username and password and then click “Login” button

Step 7: Now redirected to the control panel dashboard

Domain Name Structure

Step 1 Open a Web browser and type your your_domain_name.tld along with the “/cpanel” without quotes.

Browser cPanel login URL Domain name Slash cPanel

Step 2 If you more comfortable with the port numbers. Use this URL your_domain_name.tld with port no. Port no 2082 is meant for a Non – SSL  website.

Yourdomain with Non-SSL Port Number 2082 cPanel URL

Step 3 Use this URL your_domain_name.tld with port no. Port no 2083 is meant for SSL enabled website.

cPanel Login URL SSL

Step 4 If your website is CloudFlare enabled website. Use this URL: cpanel.your_domain_name.tld.

CloudFlare Enabled cPanel Login URL

Step 5 Follow any one of above steps which suitable for your website. And press enter/return key on your keyboard. It redirects you to cPanel login page.
cPanel Login Screen

cPanel Login Screen

Note: Here you can change the language settings as you wish by selecting the options listed below.

Step 6 In the page enter the username and password and then click the Log in” button.
Enter your Username and Password for cPanel

Enter your Username and Password

Step 7 Done. now you will be redirected to your control panel dashboard page.
cPanel Dashboard with the Paper Latern Theme

cPanel Dashboard

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