What is Exim Queue?

The MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) that runs on a server is called Exim and it controls all the email deliveries. In Exim MTA(Mail Transfer Agent), there are a lot of options/commands to manage the Email queue simply. In Exim Queue, the message ID’s that Exim uses to refer messages in its queue is represented in the mixed case of Alpha-Numeric. To execute the Exim commands, login to the server as root via SSH.

Commands to get a total number of e-mails in Exim Queue:

The Exim mail server has a number of command line options to view the current mail queue. You need to execute the commands with the full path of the directory. The below commands will be helpful to identify any issues in sending bulk mail services.

exim -bpc – This command shows the number of e-mails in the Exim Mail Queue

exim -bp – This command lists the e-mails and message ID of e-mails in the Exim Mail Queue.