What is Unix?

Unix is a family of multitasking, multi-user operating system that is derived from original AT&T Unix. It provides Graphical User Interface(GUI) similar to Microsoft Windows which provides an easy to use environment. Unix is one of the first operating systems written in high-level programming language C. So that it could be installed on any computer virtually for which C compiler existed. There are many different Unix versions, although they share common similarities. The most popular varieties of Unix are Sun Solaris, GNU/Linux, and MacOS X.

Command to display Unix version:

The ‘uname‘ command is used to display the Unix version. This command reports the basic information about a system’s hardware and software. It has some parameters to show the needed information.

uname -s – This command prints the kernel name.

uname -r – This command prints the kernel release.

uname -v – This command prints the kernel version.

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