Linux is the best-known and most-used open source operating system. It is available underneath of the other software on a computer, which receives requests from those programs and also relays these requests to the computer’s hardware.

cldetect is used to detect installed software and adjust CloudLinux options accordingly

Usage: /usr/bin/cldetect [–options]

-h |--helpshow this message
--detect-cp prints control panel and its version (CP_NAME,CP_VERSION)
--detect-cp-nameonly prints control panel name (CP_NAME)
--cxs-installedcheck if CXS is installed. Returns 0 if installed, otherwise returns 1
--cpanel-suphp-enabled check if suPHP is enabled in cPanel. Returns 0 if enabled, otherwise returns 1
--detect-litespeed check if LiteSpeed is installed. Returns 0 if installed, otherwise returns 1
--detect-postgresqlcheck if PostGreSQL is installed. Returns 0 if installed, otherwise returns 1
--print-apache-gid prints current apache gid
--print-da-admin prints DirectAdmin admin user
--set-securelinks-gidchanges /etc/sysctl.conf if apache gid != 48 (default)