What is TXT record?

Text or TXT record is a resource record of Domain Name System(DNS). It used to hold some text information and it is commonly used to store SPF. SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework and its control which IP address and servers are allowed to send email from your domain, so it’s used to fight against spam. For example, you could set up a TXT record on your website(example.com) that contains the internet IP address of your personal home computer this would mean that mail claiming to be From demo@example.com is only allowed to come from your home IP. Any other trying to send another IP address would be rejected.   TXT record can also have other uses such as verification for Google Apps or Microsoft office 365. Here you will see how to check the TXT record using Linux terminal.

Check the TXT record using Linux terminal:

Dig command stands for Domain Information Groper and it’s used to check the DNS records.

dig yourdomainname.com TXT command is used to check the TXT record using Linux terminal.