How to Check SOA record using Windows Command Prompt?

Check SOA Record
SOA Record in Windows Command Prompt Graphical Illustration

What is SOA record?

A start of authority (SOA) record is one of the DNS records. It stores the information of a DNS zone and other DNS records of a domain. It includes authoritative information such as primary nameserver, the email of the domain administrator, the serial number of the domain and other timers related to refresh the zone. Each zone contains a single SOA record. Here, we guide you to check SOA record with a simple command in Windows Command Prompt.

How to check SOA record using windows command prompt?

The following command is used to check SOA record for a domain

nslookup -type=soa

The above command displays the information such as the primary nameserver of the domain, responsible email address for it, serial number, refresh interval, retry interval, expires after and the default TTL value.


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